Cat Health Tips

Caring for your cat can be a full time job if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are just a few cat health tips.Is your feline being naughty? The first cat health tip is that if your cats’ behavior has suddenly taken a turn for the worst, then your cat may have developed a medical condition. It has been shown that cats displaying behavior problems can be suffering illness of some type. If your cat has diabetes, it will have the urge to drink more and in turn, will urinate more and sometimes in the wrong place. To the uneducated, this can be deemed as a behavioral problem but this would be wrong.Another cat health tip is the use of spray water bottles to help in training your cat. Cats often don’t like water so when you see your cat do something wrong, pick up the spray water bottle and give them a little spray of water on the head. Don’t go mad and soak your pet, just a light spray will do the trick. In a short amount of time, your cat will associate its bad action with the spraying and stop doing it.The last one of the cat health tips is this. Take a trip to the vet and get your feline neutered. This may seem drastic but studies have shown that cats which have been neutered do not fight as much as cats which have not been neutered. The female cat is always in heat if she is not pregnant and the tom cat is always on the look out for a new mate. When cats are in these states, the fighting goes on so a trip to the vets will stop this.There are many more cat health tips on the website but good sensible care will always make the life of you and your cat much more pleasant.

Winter Health Tips

Winter is commonly associated with the coming of the Christmas season and of course cool breeze, snow, snow, and more snow. For some, winter is an exciting time of the year because of the student break and the winter sports. However, winter can also spell to additional weight and unhealthy lifestyle. Well, “what can I do?” you cry, “Is winter the time to hit the couch and watch football and movies all day and night?”Not because you cannot lawn the yard and run 5 miles every morning, you will just sit, eat, watch, and sleep all day and night for the whole winter season. You need to move and you need to move now!Here are some tips you can do the moment you realize that the air is getting colder and colder every time you wake up in the morning:1. Eat right and eat healthy.From thanksgiving to your boss’ birthday in February and all the parties in between, you surely have thrown entirely out of the window your “balanced diet” and have replaced it with mashed potato, cakes, and macaronis.Do not forget that you are spending more time in front of your television doing nothing but stare and grab a handful of junk food after another. You must eat right and eat on time! Go for veggies. If you do not stick to your healthy food plan, you will surely gain enough pounds to hibernate until the next winter!2. Move!A simple walk can burn calories and shed away that extra food you have consumed because there is nothing to do but to eat.Always try to not keep still; this will only keep matters worst. Unburned energy can convert to fat, which, in its turn can add to weight; and gaining weight can be unhealthy.